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"I have talked up your group and encouraged friends of other clubs to join, because I think overall, there are more professional types in yours and the service/contact feels more personal."
Rose A., Psychologist

"I have been to three events and have been delighted at all of them. I have met some great women."
Glenn W., CFO

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed tonite's dinner... I really enjoyed the people. You pulled everything off flawlessly. Thanks so much! I'm very much looking forward to future events."
S. H., Head Hunter

"Thank you so much for facilitating Dan and my meeting; we're very happy! I will continue to recommend the SSC as the best/most comfortable/diverse single's group I had the fortune to be involved in."
Pat P., Attorney

"Barb, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for encouraging me to attend the Friday evening dinner at Arthur's. Especially, I want to thank you for introducing me to Linda. The people who were there were very nice - including the men with whom I talked. I believe that much of the ambiance within the event is due to your leadership, personality and thoughtfulness."
Wes A., Scientist

"I have met many neat people at the SSC."
Ed M., Professor

"I want you to know I appreciate the effort and dedication you put into the SSC. That is what truly separates SSC from competitors."
Rebecca E., Director, Public Affairs

"You have such marvelous people that attend 'our' functions."
Dave S., Architect

"I tell friends, 'Quit complaining, get off the couch, get out your calendar.' You do a great community service."
D. M., CFO

"Met so many interesting people and liked the place. You do an absolutely super job!"
M. Z., Insurance Agent

"SSC is the best singles club and has a good reputation in the Bay Area. Keep up the fantastic work!"
Carol J., Human Resources

"I had such a good time, I shouldn't have waited so long."
P. B.

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